One wrong move and BANG!

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Angelo tore himself away from the site, not willing to linger any longer than his senses would allow. He moved quicker than usual through the bazaar, careful in his haste when he got to the edges of the roofed buildings. The young Templar cast his glance around once he was outside, knowing that someone was following him but unsure of who. Making sure he was clear of citizens before he moved, Angelo made his way to the roof of the building, knowing he could stop his follower there.

Yusuf had to move quickly in order to keep up with Angelo.  In the time he had been following him, he decided that this would be the end.  He couldn’t let this keep going and if he could take out one more Templar, then it would be one less problem.  He knew it wasn’t the wisest to think about it like that, but it was all he could do for the time being. He had to be careful as he moved to climb the building after Angelo, hoping he could simply sneak up on him and the boy would be none the wiser.  Yusuf had no idea how much training Angelo had received since he left the Brotherhood.

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With the rest of the city in a quiet buzz, Angelo felt it was safe enough to go to the market for the few things he and Vali needed around the house. Mask over his face, hood up to conceal himself from whoever might have been there, Angelo made his way through the stalls, eyes watching out for the best price. He hated that, no matter what side he was on, he could never quite feel safe in the city. Leave one order for another, but no matter what, he would never quite feel like he wasn’t being followed…

But this time there was something more to the paranoia.

Angelo stepped past the familiar place from months before where his life had been changed. Sentiment made him linger, but the feeling of being followed had him bouncing from foot to foot. Eager to move forward and get out of the area, hindered by memory. Angelo glanced over his shoulder, scanning the crowd. No one there… no one that he could see, at least…

Yusuf kept a close eye on Angelo, wondering what the young traitor was up to.  Granted, he knew it could have been nothing.  It could merely be Angelo walking through the Grand Bazaar for some other reason than to cause any harm. But he didn’t trust Angelo, and that was only made worse by the fact that Angelo’s teacher was Vali.  He moved a little closer, picking up his pace in order to keep up with Angelo. The master assassin was worried that he would lose the boy in the crowd.  

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Yusuf moved through the Grand Bazaar, looking around as he went.  He patrolled there now and then, when things were slow elsewhere in the city.  It was bustling with people as usual and Yusuf enjoyed the crowds.  He was a people-person at heart, and it made him happy to be around so many others.  But in that crowd of people, he had noticed something that did not sit well with him.  

He frowned, following after what he thought to be his old student.  The memory of Angelo leaving the order had been a bitter one, especially given the events that lead up to it.  Yusuf stayed close but made sure to keep enough distance not to be seen.  


so im on a skype call with yusuf and

vali “I’M YELLING” cel tradat

vali ‘i’m not fucking hungarian’ cel tradat

vali ‘why is my liquor gone’ cel tradat

vali ‘call me short one more time i swear to god’ cel tradat

vali ‘dont touch me or ill drop kick you so hard so god help me’ cel tradat


Ezio.  My name is Ezio.  *The Master Assassin is sincerely worried now*  If you really do not know who or what you are…we need to get you to safety.  There are some who would see you dead.

Ezio…-The name seems even more familiar-  I remember some of who I am.  I know what I am…and from the looks of it, you’re an assassin as well? 

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